All the pics I took

Mornington Crescent!

While waiting for a bus home from the bash, Jadeviper, Missing, Bovine, DJDirect, and myself all observed what appeared to be a naked man cleaning in a fish and chip shop! This was considered a very strange sight, and it was decided we should document the event... No-one seemed to actually want to go over and do it though.
On a whim, and inspired by the alcoholic ego boosts I'd imbibed that day/night, I decided I'd go...

And to get into position for the above shot, I had to cross the middle of Pentonville Road which has barriers all along the centre! I found a slightly lower, wider barrier made of concrete and tried to vault onto it... this is the result of a mis-timed/aimed leap... Ow!

2 days later...

No, I'm no good at documenting events like this... luckily I don't have to be. As well as links to his own b3ta work, Matsimpsk has collected links to galleries of pics from this wonderful night and placed them on this page on his site.