B3tations by JustHere4Coffee

Obligatory Narcissistic Section.

Hi, my name's Troy McLure... er, I mean JustHere4Coffee. You may remember me from such online communities as the GTAzz GTA1 Add-on Cars website (board pundit, occasional site editor, sometime contributor), NFS:Porsche Unleashed/2000 car skinning (mostly under the monicker "JH4C Tuning", dead popular with the germans (don't mention the war!)), GTA3 Gameshark/Action Replay code hacking (under the assumed alias (as opposed to an unassuming one, I guess?) RealUnimportant, headhunted by the GFCC before my PS2 was surgically removed...), and long-time "regular" of one of Yahoo!Chat's longest-lived "community" rooms, Jerry's Diner #1 (heck, I can remember when Yahoo was a friendly place, and the roomlists started at #0, and nobody ever asked ASL!)

I can speak English like a native ('cause I am one,) and as well as being able to converse fluently in both American and Canadian, I've been known to do a passable job of Australian and New Zealandish as well. Basically, I've just spent 3 years in the United States of Impending Doom and Futility, so if anyone needs any obscure idioms translating I shall do what I can.

So, if you're still reading this drivel you may be wondering why I'm here? Well, after I'd played with Photoshop in a professional capacity I kinda kept playing with it after I lost the associated job (don't ask, it's kind of a funny story but you had to be there...)

After much cajolery by my brother (a lurker) to come see the cool stuff that gets posted on B3ta.com, I did - and, like so many people in so many places, I immediately thought to myself "I can do that!" Of course, one doesn't wish to make an arse of oneself when joining a new group, so I spent a whole weekend reading archived posts, trying to catch on to what makes a good pic, what makes a bad one, and who are all the cute girls so I can hit on them... er, oops, didn't mean for that bit to make it into the profile! Bah, foiled again... I confess, I am a bit of a flirt online. Not that this hasn't served me well, though!

Anyhow, I'm here now, and I may even be back tomorrow! Here's a quick recap of my most excellent milestone-type entries on the B3ta board:

later celebrations just became too painful to admit to... ;) instead, have a pudsey furtive:

This is my youngest nephew, on a good day...

My 30th birthday party, with B3tans!

2nd Annual B3ta Birthday Bash - a totally incomprehensive gallery!